Wrapping up the year with a new release 🎁

Hello Weaviate Community,

Welcome to the final Weaviate Newsletter of 2023 — what a year it’s been! In this edition we’re diving into the exciting new capabilities of Weaviate 1.23 as well as upcoming events, podcasts, and more to get you ready for an amazing new year.

Let's get into it!

Weaviate 1.23 is here!

Weaviate 1.23 is full of new capabilities including AutoPQ, Flat Indexing, Binary Quantization, OSS LLM support through Anyscale, and more! For more info, check out our release blog post here.

Vector data tips, tricks, and tech


Upcoming events

Explore our brand new events hub to learn about upcoming opportunities to connect with Team Weaviate and our amazing community. Whether you’re looking for virtual events or in-person gatherings in your city, you can find them all here.


How to build an AI-native foundation for enterprise apps

AI is in high demand, but how can you tell when your business is ready to take it on? When it’s time to incorporate AI into your workflows, building performant, secure and accurate applications can get complicated. Join Byron Voorbach from Weaviate and Travis Rehl from Innovative Solutions to explore what’s possible with AI apps and learn how to build the right foundation for fast, secure and scalable applications that delight your users.

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024: Event Details

Community events

  • Google DevFest Zambia 2023 Join Daniel Phiri in an introduction to AI-enabled apps in JavaScript.

Online Weaviate Workshops

  • Intro to Weaviate workshop

    In this introductory session, you will learn all about the advantages of vector databases, be guided through the process of creating a personalized vector database using Weaviate, and illustrate the practical application of Weaviate with real data.

Newest AI & data technology developments


AI-native databases mini series with Bob van Luijt

  • 🎙 Self-Driving Databases with Andy Pavlo: AI-Native Databases #1

    • Andy Pavlo, Associate Professor at Carnegie Melon University, discusses the "Self-Driving Database", how to optimize databases, new opportunities with databases and large language models (LLMs), the subjective "opinion" of these models and much more!

  • 🎙 Structure in Data with Paul Groth: AI-Native Databases #2

    • Paul Groth, Professor of Data Science at the University of Amsterdam, talks about representation inside models. What does a system look like that contains the weights and has full CRUD support to manipulate it? Will it remain within the current binary blob format, or will it be the next evolution of the vector database?

  • 🎙 Humans and AI with John Maeda: AI-Native Databases #3

    • John Maeda, VP of AI and Design at Microsoft, discusses how humans experience AI and how we can help people create AI-native systems. Tune in to learn about the evolution of the Design in Tech report, 3 categories of design, and many others!

  • 🎙 Subjectivity in AI with Dan Shipper: AI-Native Databases #4

    • Dan Schipper, Co-founder and CEO at Every, talks about his experience working with writers. He discusses the role of personality and subjectivity in AI and how people will interact with models to build new products and be creative.

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Team updates

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Happy new year!