Welcome to Weaviate 2024: AI Insights, Learning, and Community Highlights

Hello, Weaviate Community! 🤗

Happy New Year, and thank you for staying with us in 2024. We are excited to continue this journey alongside you and ensure that you stay informed and engaged whether you're new to AI or a seasoned Weaviate Community member. Are you ready to jumpstart your year with newest innovations, fresh learning materials, and the latest trends?

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Weaviate 2023 Recap

It's hard to believe that just a year ago, very few people knew about vector databases and how AI could use them. Even those who did had many questions. But with the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT, curiosity about AI skyrocketed. This curiosity has accelerated our progress and opened our eyes to AI's vast potential, transforming how we communicate, learn, teach, and collaborate. Now, let's share a few community highlights:

  1. Introduction to Vector Databases and AI Workshops

  2. Weaviate Academy

  3. Ton of hackathons

  4. Building with Weaviate: In-house and community projects

  5. Embracing open source and sharing knowledge

  6. Expanding our global community with in-person meetups

  7. The upcoming Weaviate Hero Program in 2024!

To learn more, read our Weaviate 2023 Recap.

Newest AI & data technology developments

Podcast Series: AI-Native Databases

Where are new advances in generative AI taking us, and what will the role of database systems be?

Dive into AI-native Databases with our ✨new✨ podcast series hosted by Bob van Luijt and Connor Shorten, featuring insightful discussions with industry experts:

Enjoy, and feel free to reach out with your thoughts and questions!

The first AI events of 2024 are here

We are super excited to announce that our Events & Webinars Page is now live on our website! 🚀

Discover all our upcoming events here:

Online Workshops


Is your team building an AI application this year?

Weaviate’s Byron Voorbach and Innovative Solutions' Travis Rehl are here to share best practices for creating a fast, secure and scalable foundation for your next AI project. Sign up and you’ll get the chance to ask questions and see a demo of how these concepts work in the real world!

Stay tuned for more events on the Events & Webinars Page and in our Weaviate newsletter.

Remember to check the provided links for event details and registration. We can't wait to connect with you!

Weaviate Hero Program

As we enter the new year of 2024, we're excited to celebrate our amazing Weaviate Community! We’re launching the Weaviate Hero Program to honor those who exemplify our values and actively contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Do you know someone who has significantly impacted your Weaviate journey? Nominate them as a Weaviate Hero! Let's acknowledge and appreciate the individuals who enrich our community. 💚

As we continue to build, learn, and collaborate, we're excited to see the innovations that 2024 will bring. 💫

Welcoming new faces

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