Weaviate World Tour: End of Year Celebration for AI, GenAI, LLMs and ML

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Weaviate World Tour: End of Year Special

Join us for the Weaviate World Tour: End of Year Special! And celebrate the year's successes in a festive atmosphere with other community members, amazing tech experts, friends, and the Weaviate community.

Scheduled events:

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🚀 Special thanks to our friends at AICamp and Orkes for making this possible ✨

Vector Data Tips, Tricks, and Tech


Upcoming Events


How to build an AI-Native Foundation for Enterprise Apps AI is in high demand, but how can you tell when your business is ready to take it on? When it’s time to incorporate AI into your workflows, building performant, secure and accurate applications can get complicated. Join Byron Voorbach from Weaviate and Travis Rehl from Innovative Solutions to explore what’s possible with AI apps and learn how to build the right foundation for fast, secure and scalable applications that delight your users.

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024: Event Details

  • Intro to Weaviate workshop

    In this introductory session, you will learn all about the advantages of vector databases, be guided through the process of creating a personalized vector database using Weaviate, and illustrate the practical application of Weaviate with real data.

  • (NEW!) Intermediate Workshop: Python Client V4

    In this session, discover the enhancements in the new Python client, including the introduced changes, the reasons driving them, elements that have remained consistentstent, alterations beneath the surface, and the anticipated benefits for your code and overall experience.

Dec 13th at 11:00 AM EST/5:00 PM CET

💡Weaviate Air is Weaviate's live discussion and knowledge panel!

We’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Weaviate v1.23 Updates

  • Forum FAQs

  • Weaviate Multimodal RAG

  • generative-any scale Demo

  • LinkedIn Course: Intro to AI Native Vector Databases Releasing Soon!

  • Guest Appearance from Hackathon Attendees

Newest AI & Data Technology Developments


  • 🎙 RAGAS with Jithin James, Shahul Es, and Erika Cardenas - Weaviate Podcast #77

    • Jithin James, Shahul ES, and Erika Cardenas discuss RAGAS, a Retrieval-Augmented Generation startup, on the Weaviate Podcast. They explore the RAGAS score, using LLMs to eliminate manual labeling, and discuss optimization strategies for RAG application builders and future directions.

  • 🎙 Rudy Lai on Tactic Generate - Weaviate Podcast #78

    • Rudy Lai, CEO of Tactic Generate, talks about their innovative user experience, using LLMs on multiple documents. The conversation delves into leveraging new LLM and Vector Database tech for AI products, inviting questions and discussions.

💡 Did you know that Weaviate's podcast with Connor is not only available on YouTube, but you can also listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts? Join us there for some great content! See you there!

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Stories from the faces of Weaviate

Welcoming new faces

  • Meet Tony, our new Business Development Director

  • Meet Jerónimo Irazábal, joining us as a Software Engineer specializing in search

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