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  • Weaviate on Snowpark Container Services, new Python client (v4), and multimodal product discovery

Weaviate on Snowpark Container Services, new Python client (v4), and multimodal product discovery

Hello, Weaviate Friends!

🤗 Sit back, relax, and join us as we explore everything from secure GenAI applications to improved Python client experiences. Discover the latest insights in the industry and discover our new Japanese Quickstart, along with a lineup of exciting AI events, workshops, and meetups!


We’re excited to announce that Weaviate is on Snowpark Container Services! You can now build secure, production-ready search and GenAI applications while keeping all your data safe within Snowflake ❄️

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Weaviate Python client (v4) goes GA

Big news – The new (v4) release of the Weaviate Python Client is - faster (thanks to gRPC), better IDE support, more type-safety, and a host of other developer experience improvements. Dive into the new release and let us know your thoughts!

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New Japanese Quickstart

Did you know that our popular Quickstart tutorial is now available in Japanese? Visit the Japanese Quickstart to follow along and start building your AI application today!

Upcoming events


  • Tuesday, February 27: Improve product discovery and explore the ins and outs of multimodal search and for ecommerce with Weaviate’s Senior Developer Advocate Zain Hasan and Moonsift’s CTO David Wood.

Online Workshops


Check out the Weaviate Events & Webinars page for all our upcoming events.

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Opportunities at Weaviate!

Ready to dive into the dynamic world of AI and make a real impact? Join our team today! Explore the following roles:

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