Weaviate newsletter - Week 4

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well. I want to send you a short email with links to some cool content. Regardless of your knowledge in vector search, these are fun to read/see/listen to.

🎉 Release of v1.10.0! Theme: Quality of Life improvements. These improvements are Open-AI module, QnA reranking, and more...

📄 text2vec-openai Demo Dataset: Try out the Open-AI module by using the movieplot database from Kaggle

📹 Open Data Science's Sheamus McGovern conducts a lightning talk about vector search with Bob van Luijt.

😊 The Rise of Open Source Challengers: article by Rajko Radovanovíc about open-source challengers such as SeMI's Weaviate.

🎙 Jordan Luxford interviews Bob van Luijt about unstructured data and Weaviate for the NLP-zone podcast.

🎙 The Weaviate Podcast #5: Lastly, listen to the 5th podcast by Connor Shorten and Michael Wechner about how the knowledge management bot Katie leverages Weaviate and understand how to build this kind of systems end to end.

Good to have you here,