Weaviate newsletter - Week 16

Dear Weaviate follower,

It is so exciting to see our community growing and we are grateful to have over 700 members in our Slack. Join us there too!

Weaviate Updates

πŸ“£ Weaviate 1.12.2 is released!

πŸ“„ This release contains a number of fixes, read them here.

Want to get to know Weaviate? Check out our new examples on Github (Search through podcast transcript and Search through plant data) and play around.

πŸ™ A big thank you to Petruso Kadyrov and Yash Gupta for making them.

Other Weaviate News

πŸŽ‰ We have been selected for Google Season of Docs, with the project Create a comprehensive contributor onboarding guide for Weaviate. Are you a technical writer? Apply for this project!✍️

😊 Check out this extensive write up about Vector Search by Dasith Edirisinghe.

πŸ“Ή Understanding Robustness: Use Weaviate and Jina AI to look at the vector search results of augmented images and text with Connor Shorten.

πŸ“š We have successfully ended the Google Summer of Code Proposal Application Period with 26 extensive applicants!

All the best,