Weaviate newsletter - Week 15

Dear reader,

I hope you are doing well. This week we have a newsletter full of inspirational links. Enjoy!

Weaviate Podcast

πŸŽ™A follow-up to Podcast #14, Data Science with Rick Lamers from Orchest, check out this demo from Rick on how to search through blogs!

Other Weaviate News

πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ Get easily started and chose a demo you find most appealing

πŸ“„ New demo: use Weaviate for vegetable image classification, thanks for making this Aakash Thatte πŸ™

πŸ“š Google Summer of Code: The deadline for contributor submission is in 7 days, good luck to those applying!

☁️ By Google Cloud: SeMI Technologies is optimizing business data searches with machine learning on Google Cloud

What Where When?

For those who feel the urge to get inspired in-person or online, you might feel like joining us at one of the following events:

April 19-21 β€’ Boston β€’ ODSC East β€’ In-Person&Online

April 26-28 β€’ Warschau β€’ Big Data Technology β€’ In-Person&Online

May 2-6 β€’ New York β€’ Knowledge Graph β€’ In-Person&Online

June 13 β€’ Austin β€’ Data Day Texas β€’ In-Person

June 15-16 β€’ London β€’ ODSC Europe β€’ In-Person&Online

June 21-24 β€’ Austin β€’ Open Source Summit β€’ In-Person&Online

July 19-20 β€’ Berlin β€’ Open Source Infrastructure β€’ In-Person

We wish you a happy Easter!

Donna and the team