Weaviate newsletter - Week 11

Dear Weaviate follower,

Another update from SeMI about the Weaviate vector search engine.

Weaviate Updates

📢 Weaviate v1.11.0 is released, you can download it from this page. The Weaviate Cluster Service automatically makes the new version available.

📄 Updates are: Open AI key at runtime, and reliability fixes.

🤫 The next release will contain: sorting, property indexing for data type string and vector search in aggregations.

🙏 This release followed the first sprint, thanks to our new team members Marcin and Parker.

Don't forget to ⭐️ Weaviate on Github here.

Weaviate Podcast

New podcasts are available:

🎙 Weaviate Podcast #8: Causal Inference with Brady Neal from Oogway.

🎙 Weaviate Podcast #9: eCommerce with Data Scientist Karen Beckers.

🎙 Weaviate Podcast #10: All about HNSW with its co-inventor Yury Malkov.

🎙 Weaviate Podcast #11: CEO Han Xiao of Jina AI about Finertuning, Neural Search, and more.

🙏 A big thank you to Brady Neal, Karen Beckers, Yury Malkov, Etienne Dilocker, and Han Xiao for joining!

Other Weaviate News

📢 Jina AI + Weaviate: You can now use Weaviate as document store for Jina AI's DocumentArray.

📺 Tutorial for Image Search: How to use Weaviate with Jina AI's DocArray with Laura Ham.

🎉 We have 15 job openings: Come aboard!

👏 Article in VentureBeat: Database technology evolves to combine machine learning and data storage.

📚 Google Summer of Code: For if you have any inquisitive friends interested in open source and want to contribute to Weaviate at GSOC. (and earn a stipend from Google)

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