Weaviate Newsletter - Weaviate Air

Hello Weaviate friends, πŸ€—

We had another great couple of weeks, with great new content and a Weaviate v1.15.1 patch release.

But also, I would like to use this opportunity to invite you all to Weaviate Air – our brand new live podcast.

Weaviate Air

Weaviate Air's idea is to share our ideas with you, give you a preview of some of the research we are working on, run live demos to show new features, answer questions from the live audience, etc. Of course, we won't do all of the above in each episode, but that is the general gist.

Starting from Wednesday next week, we will run Weaviate Air episodes every first Wednesday of the month. The length of each episode will be around ~60 minutes, maybe more πŸ˜‰

Live on YouTube

We will broadcast all episodes live on YouTube. Maybe in the future, we will add other channels. What do you think of joining us via Twitch?

Are you excited? Need I ask – not a question!

πŸŽ™Join the first Weaviate Air episode on the 5th of October at 5 PM CET / 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST (🀞the time works for you too).


If you have a suggestion for a topic that you would like us to discuss, then feel free to respond to this message or ping us via our Weaviate Slack.

Weaviate v1.15.1 patch release

Usually, we don't write blog posts for patch releases; however, after releasing v1.15.0, we discovered and fixed 15 different bugs, and we thought you would be interested in this release. πŸ˜‰

✍️ Etienne summarized all the essential fixes and UX improvements in Weaviate v.1.15.1 patch release blog.


✍️ Distance Metrics in Vector Search – a debut blog post by our brilliant Erika. In this post, you learn all about Distance Metrics in Vector Search, plus you get a complete overview of the metrics used in Weaviate

✍️ Support for Hugging Face Inference API in Weaviate – in this blog, I wrote about the new Hugging Face module, which allows you to use Hugging Face models directly in Weaviate.


We have a range of technical job vacancies – from Developer Advocate (US West Coast) in my team, Community Engineer to Software Developers.

Check them out here. Who knows, maybe we could work together. Wouldn't that be great!!! (not a question) πŸ€—

Thank you for reading and see you in 2 weeks,