Weaviate Newsletter - Preparing for Weaviate v1.16

Hello Weaviate friends, πŸ€—

I hope this newsletter edition finds you well β˜€οΈ and you are ready for another round of updates and content.

We have a lot of great content to share with you, with demo projects, new design patterns for database design, interviews with interesting people, and more.

But also, we are all very excited about the next week, as we are preparing for another big release – Weaviate v1.16. Fingers crossed 🀞 the release is planned for Tuesday.

Weaviate v1.16

Right now we are dotting the i's and crossing the t's. My πŸ₯‘ team (read: DevRel) is working on a release blog post (scheduled for Tuesday), which will give you a good insight into the key features, like:

  • Filtering for null values & array length

  • Multi-Node/multi-shard backups

  • ref2vec-centroid module

  • Node status API

  • OIDC Auth for Azure

Weaviate Air Episode 2

But also, we are planning to dedicate the next Weaviate Air episode towards the new release.

Subscribe here, and join us live on Wednesday next week.

We will go over each feature, and show you projects or code examples where possible to give you a good idea about each feature. And since we are going to be live, you can ask us questions.



✍️ Erika built a cool demo and prepared an excellent tutorial on "How to build an Image Search Application with Weaviate" – learn how she used img2vec-neural to find images of dogs🐢. The great thing about this example is, that you can replace images of dogs with any images of interest and turn the app into your own use case.

✍️ A fantastic debut article by Dirk Kulawiak on "How we solved a race condition with the Lock Striping pattern" – read about an interesting challenge in database design – managing object locking when dealing with concurrent data operations – and how we solved it.


πŸŽ™ Watch Jonathan Frankle on MosaicML Cloud - where Jonathan explains the new MosaicML Cloud, cost estimates for custom Large Language Models, and more!

πŸŽ™Watch Michael Goin on Neural Magic – where Michael explains how Neural Magic delivers and tests inference acceleration, as well as the vision for the future of Deep Learning with Sparsity and CPU inference.

Meta – how we do things at SeMI

SeMI is full of great people and great ideas. We work hard to make this a fun and successful company. And we are happy to share how we do things at SeMI. For this purpose, we've created SeMI meta blogs – a series of meta posts, which tell a bit of a story on how we run our company.

Here are some of the recent posts:

Thank you for reading. I can wait for the next update in two weeks.

And if you want to sync up sooner, join us for the live episode of Weaviate Air #2.

-Sebastian πŸ€—