Weaviate Newsletter - Issue #18

Dear Weaviate follower,

Welcome to the latest update from SeMI about the Weaviate vector search engine.

Weaviate Updates

📢 Stay tuned, for the release of v1.14 Weaviate core, which focuses on Reliability (20+ bug fixes) and Observability (better monitoring for Weaviate).

Don’t forget to ⭐️ Weaviate on Github here, we are this> <close to 2.5k⭐️


Interesting reads:

✍️ The AI-First Database Ecosystem – Learn about the wider ecosystem of AI-First databases and how many organisations operate in the space and with each other.

New podcasts:

🎙 Open Source Startup Podcast – Learn how to build an open-source startup from various OS project founders.

🎙 Vector Search, the AI stack and more – tune in for a break down of vector search, the AI-first ecosystem, and how music and software relate to one another.

Talk recording:

📹 Vector Search for Data Scientists – Watch the recording from Connor to learn: how the latest advances in Vector Search can help Data Scientists.

Other SeMI Updates

🎉 We are hiring – we have opened two positions for Senior Developer Advocates and a new role for a Front-End Developer.

Have a great week,