Weaviate 1.24 is now available!

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Welcome to this week's edition of the Weaviate Newsletter! Get ready for the latest news, tutorials, demos, and other highlights we can't wait to share with you. Plus, we're thrilled to announce the new Weaviate 1.24 release, and we'll provide you with all the essentials to kickstart.

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Weaviate 1.24

Check out the release ⭐️highlights⭐️!

  1. Named vectors. A single object can have multiple vectors. Create vectors for properties, use different vectorization models, and apply different metrics to fine-tune interactions with your data.

  2. HNSW and binary quantization (BQ) HNSW indexes and BQ combine for serious compression and blazing speed.

  3. Simplified Docker configuration. A new Docker image that needs no configuration.

  4. Backend improvements. Numerous improvements to make updates, imports, and deletions faster.

  5. Python client update. General availability and support for all the latest features.

Experience the new release features on Weaviate Cloud Services (WCS).

Learn more

  • ✍️ Weaviate 1.21 Release by JP Hwang and Dave Cuthbert

    • Weaviate 1.24 is released! Updates include named vectors, server telemetry, backend improvements, and performance enhancements.

  • 🎥 Weaviate 1.24 Release Shorts on YouTube by Adam Chan

    • Discover the latest features in under 60 seconds! Join us in this short video series, where we go over the key highlights of each release, bringing you up to speed with the latest innovations in no time.

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Weaviate Hero

Community starts with YOU! With the launch of our Weaviate Hero Program today, we appreciate, embrace & celebrate members of our Community who contribute and engage in ways that make our Community a great and safe place where people can learn, make friends, and grow. A place for giving and receiving.

Learn more about our first heroes, the program, and how to participate on our Community website and the according blog post.

Upcoming Events

Office hours

  • Wednesday, March 20th | Hybrid Search with JP Hwang, Jeremy Buchanan Price, Dirk Kulawiak

    • Weaviate office hours are a great chance to meet different Weaviate experts, learn about a specific topic, or get help with all your questions. Our office hours are live and not recorded!

Online workshops

AI [in Prod]

We’re one week out from our first-ever roadshow event in San Francisco!

Join us in person to hear from the Weaviate team, including our founders Bob and Etienne, along with our friends from Astronomer and Unstable.

We’ll cover topics from hybrid search to RAG to multimodality– with a focus on taking apps from prototype to production. Tech talks, lunch, exclusive swag, and hands-on training await.

Limited spots available – snag yours now!

In-person events

Hack Night at GitHub | San Francisco

Join us for an exciting evening of challenges and camaraderie at our upcoming developer event with Jam.dev, NeoSync.dev, and Haystack.Deepset.ai! 🚀

We've crafted an engaging evening to ensure high-value learning for you across all our products, offering something for everyone. Here's what you can expect:

🏆 Mini challenges:

  • Compete to accumulate the most jams throughout the evening. Whether it's insights from challenges, bug discoveries, or your journey through our Quickstarts, every jam counts!

  • QuickStarts Challenge: Be the first to complete all our Quickstarts to claim the top spot.

  • Demo Challenge: Showcase your creativity by combining Quickstarts or products.

  • We'll have prizes for each of the mini-challenges above!

🎮 Relaxation zone: Unwind after a productive day with Nintendo Switch gaming. Take a break, recharge, and enjoy some casual fun.

🎁 Raffle & prizes: Participate in our raffle for even more chances to win exciting rewards throughout the event.

Remember to check out the provided links for all the details on how to sign up. We can't wait to see you!

We’re hiring!

We have the following open roles:

Have a look at our career page.

P.S. A couple of more roles will open up in these upcoming weeks. 👀

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