Weaviate 1.19, Weaviate Cloud upgrade, New PaLM modules…

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🚀 We have a lot of big Weaviate product news in this issue:

  • Weaviate v1.19

  • Weaviate Cloud Services update

  • Google PaLM modules

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If you haven’t tried the Weaviate Cloud Service (WCS) yet, now might be the time! We just rolled out a major upgrade to WCS, including new features like:

  • Self-service provisioning

  • New query console

  • API Key Management

  • Cluster administration & monitoring

We are happy to announce the release of Weaviate 1.19, which brings a set of great features, performance improvements, and fixes:

  • Group by arbitrary property

  • Faster text filtering & tokenization

  • Generative Cohere Module

  • Consistency tuning for replication

  • gRPC API support

You can learn more about each of these points in more detail.

Announcing two brand new Weaviate modules will help you to unlock the full potential of Google's latest PaLM large language model (LLM) 🚀

📝 Text2vec-palm: This module enables the effortless creation of vector embeddings and the execution of semantic (nearText) queries, giving you unparalleled control over your data.

🔎 Generative-palm: With this module, you can unleash the power of generative search to uncover hidden insights and patterns in your data.

✍️ Read more about it in the blog post  By Joon-Pil (JP) Hwang

😍 It was so cool to see the Weaviate logo on screen during the GoogleIO keynote!

Learn what Generative Feedback Loops are and how to use them with Weaviate in Python and TypeScript, as well as with LLMs from OpenAI and Cohere!

More about Generative Feedback Loops:

  • ✍️ Read the blog post about Generative Feedback Loops By Connor Shorten

  • 🎥 Watch the podcast Generative Feedback Loops with Bob van Luijt - Weaviate Podcast #45!

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