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Patient care powered by AI at Google Hackathon, Github Hack Night, Workshops and Events, and more

Hello Weaviate Community, 🤗

Welcome to this week’s AI updates! Our newsletter is brimming with exciting updates, including many events, workshops, and a hack night for you to dive into. Weaviate recently took part in the Solve with Google Hackathon, collaborating closely with the Prinses Máxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie. Discover all the latest and greatest developments with us. Also, explore our latest job openings - we’re hiring. 🚀

Let's jump right in!

Weaviate @ Solve with Google The Hackathon!

Team Weaviate joined the Solve with Google Hackathon and worked with the Prinses Máxima Centrum voor kinderoncologie and the attending teams to build generative AI projects with Gemini and Weaviate!

We had an amazing time building projects to help the children who receive treatment at the center. 💚

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How can integrating Weaviate with Red Hat OpenShift enhance your application's AI capabilities? Explore combining Weaviate and Red Hat OpenShift in a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) workflow and learn how these tools can help optimize data retrieval and processing in AI-driven applications.

Upcoming events

Weaviate Office Hours

Our upcoming Office Hours is on Wednesday, May 15th. The Topic (voted by our Slack Community) will be Collections & General Q&A. Join our regular Office Hours to meet the experts and ask all the questions you may have.


Considering the benefits of generative AI to improve customer support? Join Job Nijenhuis, CTO of Neople, and Erika Cardenas, our Technology Partner Manager, for a lively discussion on how the latest advances in AI are helping companies provide more efficient and accurate support to their customers.

Date: Wednesday, May 29th Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CEST

Online workshops


Other Events

  • Thursday, May 21st | NY Roadshow

    • AI [in Prod] is back and headed to NYC! Join us and the Google Cloud team in person for a day of learning focused on building reliable, enterprise-ready AI applications. Space is limited, so request a ticket today!

    • Details & Registration

  • Thursday, May 23rd | AWS Immersion Day

    • We’re teaming up with AWS to bring you a technical, hands-on workshop on building AI-native applications with Amazon Bedrock and Weaviate!

    On May 23rd in Eindhoven, Sebastian and JP will take you from set up and ‘Hello World,’ all the way to generative AI, multitenancy, and multivector configurations. You’ll get to level up your skills with the latest vector search and RAG techniques ✨

  • Tuesday, May 14th | Hacknight at Github! (second edition ✨)

    • Join us in San Francisco for an exciting evening of challenges and developer camaraderie at our upcoming event with Strada, TwelveLabs, and OctoAI 🚀 We've crafted another engaging evening to ensure high-value learning for you across all these products, offering something for everyone.

    • Details & Registration

Remember to check out the provided links for all the details on how to sign up. We can't wait to meet you!

Welcoming new faces

We’re hiring!

Check out our open roles:

  • Event Marketing Manager

    • If you're excited about the end-to-end planning and execution of marketing events and have an outcomes-focused mindset, this is the role for you. Note: This is a US-based role 🇺🇸

  • Revenue Operations manager

    • You'll be responsible for implementing, managing, and optimizing Weaviate's revenue operations processes to drive efficiency, streamline workflows, and maximize revenue generation.

  • Senior Software Engineer Database

    • In this role, you will drive the development and optimization of our vector database, focusing on enhancing its functionality, performance, and scalability.

  • Customer-focused SRE (US West Coast-based)

    • In this role (US West Coast-based) you'll be the linchpin for managing customer cloud environments, ensuring the seamless operation of our vector database installations across AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Have a look at our career page for more roles and opportunities! ✨

Thank you for reading

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