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New Typescript Client v3, Advanced RAG Techniques, and The Future of Search with Nils Reimers

Hello Weaviate Community, 🤗

This week's got big news - the v3 Typescript Client launched, and we hit 10K stars on GitHub (thanks to YOU!). Dive deeper with Matryoshka embeddings & generative feedback loops for RAG. Plus, podcasts, events, and jobs!

Let's dive in!

The Weaviate v3 Typescript Client goes GA

The v3 Weaviate TypeScript client is officially Generally Available (GA)!

Not too long ago, we released the beta version of the Weaviate v3 Typescript client, an extremely well-received release! After a successful beta, today we’re happy to share that the v3 Weaviate Typescript client is stable, with major user experience improvement. We're even more excited to invest more in enabling the JavaScript ecosystem with this and subsequent releases.

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Join us in Chicago on July 16th to discover how enterprises are scaling generative AI from prototype to production. Come for the tech talks, stay for the hands-on training.

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  • Hear how developers and engineering leaders are approaching AI use cases like multimodal search and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) in production.

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  • Learn how the open source vector database reduces the complexity of building and scaling AI applications. Hear what's new and best practices from the team that built it.

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  • Explore the Weaviate platform and learn how to build AI-native applications from the ground up. Level up your skills with the latest vector search and RAG techniques.


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Thank You for 10K Stars! ⭐

The Weaviate repository just hit a new milestone: 10K GitHub stars and counting! 🤩

A massive shoutout to our open source community! Thank you to everyone who has forked, starred, and contributed!

If you haven’t done so yet, check out our repository, and don’t forget to star us ⭐️

Weaviate Quiz Time

Put your Weaviate knowledge to the test at our Quiz Night! Think you can answer questions about Binary Quantization or Weaviate's Indexing Methods? Then join us and win awesome Weaviate swag! June 26th, 6 pm CEST (details in Slack).

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