Make Real-time AI a Reality with Weaviate + Confluent

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One significant announcement we're excited to share is the integration of Weaviate with Confluent Cloud. This integration opens up new possibilities and opportunities for your business.

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Weaviate + Confluent

Weaviate's integration with Confluent Cloud gives users simple access to data streams from across their entire business to build a real-time, contextual, and trustworthy knowledge base fueling their AI applications.

With easy access to data streams from across their entire business, Weaviate users can now:

  • Create a real-time knowledge base: Build a shared source of real-time truth for all your operational and analytical data, no matter where it lives for sophisticated model building and fine-tuning. Think business competitive analysis dashboards that are updated with latest market news updates.

  • Bring real-time context at query time: Convert raw data into meaningful chunks with real-time enrichment and continually update your embedding databases for your GenAI use cases. Think real-time filtering based on region, demographics, personas in online shopping, etc.

  • Build governed, secured, and trusted AI: Establish data lineage, quality and traceability, providing all your teams with a clear understanding of data origin, movement, transformations and usage.

  • Experiment, scale and innovate faster: Reduce innovation friction as new AI apps and models become available. Decouple data from your data science tools and production AI apps to test and build faster.

Learn how to build an application using Weaviate and Confluent:

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New Unit: Weaviate Academy

Finished Unit 1 "Hello Weaviate," and 2 “Queries”? Congrats on that! We’ve got good news, there’s more…

Introducing 103 Schema and Imports (Python), brought to you by JP Hwang. Let’s dive in!

In This Unit:

  • Learn how Weaviate organizes and stores data.

  • Explore the role of indexes in Weaviate for efficient searches.

  • Define data schemas and properties with appropriate data types.

  • Discover how to populate Weaviate with data, including best practices like batch imports.

You'll be equipped to structure and populate your Weaviate instance effectively by the end.

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Weaviate Company Trip 2023

We’re preparing for our second company trip, this time to the beautiful country of Croatia. ☀️

With our team now boasting 50 members scattered across the globe, from Europe to the U.S., South America, and Australia, this trip is a momentous occasion that will bring us all together under the Croatian sun.

In our commitment to a remote-first work structure, we recognize the irreplaceable value of in-person connections. This workation is about fun, forging stronger bonds, intensifying collaboration, and brainstorming ideas.

Stay tuned as we share our live updates from Croatia starting on the 7th of October through Twitter, LinkedIn, and our Instagram account.

Your support means the world to us as we continue to evolve and grow as a company. 🌍🇭🇷

Curious about our first Company Trip? Read the blog here.

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