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Upcoming hackathons

  • 🗓️ AI Tinkerers Summer HackathonJune 10, 2023

    Meet with Zain from team Weaviate in-person. Compete for prizes and get a limited-edition event t-shirt.

  • 🗓️ Vector DB & LLM HackathonJune 16-17, 2023

    ​A welcome evening and BBQ (Friday, June 16th - Session 1) and an all-day Vector Search Hackathon (Saturday, June 17th - Session 2) with the MLOps.community and Weaviate.

  • 🗓️ UC Berkeley AI HackathonJune 17-18, 2023

    Build a new generation of responsible AI. Meet Erika and Connor from team Weaviate in-person, and win exciting prizes.

New to Team Weaviate

Please welcome Jobi George, our new Head of Partnerships, joining us from San Jose, US.

We're thrilled to have you on board, Jobi!

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