LLamaIndex, Generative Feedback Loops, and Multimodal Embedding Models…

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Vector Data Tips, Tricks, and Tech


New AI & Data Tech


  • 🎙 Aleksa Gordic - Weaviate Podcast #55

    In this episode, delve into Aleksa's incredible journey from Deep Learning YouTube to DeepMind and now creating Ortus! Gain insights into the latest updates on Ortus and Aleksa's perspective on the current state of AI development.

  • 🎙 Weaviate Podcast Search meets Generative Feedback Loops

    Join us as we discuss with Aleksa Gordic his vision for the future of video content on YouTube. Discover how Weaviate and Generative Feedback Loops will transform digital content.

  • 🎙 LlamaIndex and Weaviate - Episode 1: Data Loading

    This episode demonstrates how to connect your data to LlamaIndex and Weaviate. Walk through three examples of using LlamaIndex's data loaders to read files from a file system, webpage, and Notion, and pipe this data into Weaviate!

  • 🎙 Andrei Bondarev on AI tools in Ruby! - Weaviate Podcast #54

    Explore the projects and gain insights into Andrei's experience in software consulting. Learn about using tools like Weaviate and LangChain with Ruby through the clients he has created!


Elevate Your Knowledge with The Weaviate Academy

Unlock the potential of AI tools with Weaviate Academy and start with the first course, "From Zero to MVP," hosted by JP Hwang.

Gain all the core knowledge and essential skills for building with Weaviate. Learn how to build a Weaviate database, effectively perform queries, and find the right data.

By the end of these short units, you'll be able to build your own instance of Weaviate with your own data and have a suite of search tools available to retrieve data in your desired format.



Upcoming events

  • 🗓️ Weaviate Workshop – July 13, 2023, With Zain Hasan

    Join us in this introductory session to learn about text comprehension in AI language models, vector databases, and their role in scaling AI models. Gain hands-on experience with Python, perform vector searches, utilize Weaviate's generative search, and create a cloud-based vector database.

  • 🗓️ Voxel51 (Virtual Event) – July 13, 2023

    Register now and join us for Zain's talk on "Computer Vision Applications at Scale with Vector Databases."

  • 🗓️ Weaviate Air #10 – Livestream on YouTube, on Jul 19, 2023, 5 pm CET.

New to Team Weaviate

We have a full house! Let's give a warm welcome to the newest members of Team Weaviate!

  • Ara Gonzalez - People & Culture, People Operations Manager

  • Emma O'Keefe - Customer Success, Head of Customer Success

  • Leonie Monigatti - DevGrowth, Developer Advocate

  • Asdine El Hrychy - Applied Research Software Engineer

We're excited to have these talented individuals on board, and we can't wait to achieve great things together!

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