Exploring the AI Renaissance across industries: what lies ahead?

Welcome to the latest Weaviate Newsletter! In this edition, we dive into the captivating world of AI across various industries. We'll recap the recent AI Renaissance event and highlight expert talks, startup showcases, and the latest advancements in AI and data technology.

AI Renaissance - The Grid edition recap

We kicked off the AI Renaissance - The Grid edition in Berlin at the cool Merantix AI Campus just over a week ago. It was no ordinary tech event — it brought together the Weaviate community, including AI enthusiasts, startups, and more!

Watch the event recap video here.

Expert talks

We had three amazing speakers who dove deep into various topics. They talked about how tech like vectors and embeddings can make our lives better, touching on everything from healthcare to entertainment:

Showcase your AI startup!

We celebrated what's happening in AI development and the thriving AI startup scene. It's not just talk, it's about sharing experiences and showing off cool AI projects.

If you're a startup or an AI builder, you can snag a free spot at our demo and network stations. Just reserve your spot and tell us about your project when you register for the next AI Renaissance.

Check out the startups that registered here.

Networking opportunities

There was space for networking, idea-sharing, and drinks + snacks. Follow along on Twitter and LinkedIn for more discussions and demos as we celebrate the AI Renaissance movement! 🚀

Vector data tips, tricks, and tech


Newest AI & data technology developments

Podcasts & webinars

Upcoming virtual workshops

Upcoming meetups

  • Wednesday, February 7 | AICamp Meetup SF: Join Adam Chan to discuss AI, LLMs, and ML at the GitHub Office.

  • Thursday, February 22 | AICamp Meetup NY: Our very own Zain Hasan returns to NY, taking you on a journey through the possibilities of multimodal RAG. Don't miss it!

For more details on upcoming events, visit our Events & Webinars Page.

Remember to click on the provided links for all the sign-up details. We can't wait to meet you!

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