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Evaluation Metrics for Search and Recommendation Systems, JS June, and Open Source & AI Events

Hey Weaviate Community, 🤗

This week's newsletter is packed with exciting events! Dive deeper with our new Knowledge Cards Page, enter JS June, and join us in Berlin for in-person open source and AI events. There’s also a bunch of fresh tutorials, shorts, and blogs to fuel your Weaviate skills. Plus, we're hiring! Check out the details at the end of the newsletter.

Let's make it a wild two weeks! 🚀

Our new Knowledge Cards Page makes understanding AI concepts a breeze 🤌

Get quick explanations, cool visuals, and even more resources to learn. Share your favorites and help others become AI experts! We're adding new cards all the time.

AI data tips, tricks, and tech


Get started building next-gen AI apps today! New step-by-step tutorials show you how to:

Newest AI & data technology developments


Upcoming events

JS June ☀️

Join our experts, Daniel Phiri and Sebastian Witalec, for hands-on virtual workshops on building AI apps with Weaviate's TypeScript client v3. Choose your framework: Vue.js, React.js, or Angular.js.

In each online session, you'll learn about:

  • Setting up your database

  • Building an API for data interaction

  • Generating and storing vector embeddings

  • Integrating Weaviate with your framework

  • Interacting with generative models

  • Deploying your AI app

Don't miss this chance to level up your JavaScript skills.

Sign up here

Weaviate takes over Berlin for AI Buzzwords

Join us for the chance to connect, learn, and share ideas with Berlin's thriving AI and Open Source communities. We are looking forward to meeting you at in-person events, including:

  • AI Buzzwords Meetup: Join speakers, developers, and AI innovators at the Merantix AI Campus Berlin on June 11th at 6:00 PM. Limited seats remain!

  • Berlin Buzzwords 2024: Catch Zain Hasan's "Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation Techniques" at the Frannz Salon on June 11th at 11:10 AM. Also, meet us at the Weaviate booth to learn more and connect. 💚

P.S. Many Weaviate team members will be around – come say hi! 👋

In-person events

Live online learning

Remember to check out the provided links for all the details on how to sign up. We can't wait to meet you!


Your voice matters!

As we've emphasized before, our vibrant community is at the core of Weaviate's success. To make your experience exceptional, we highly value your feedback. It helps us understand your preferences, identify areas for improvement, and incorporate your ideas.

Welcoming new faces

Meet Armaan Thakker, who is joining us as a Developer Advocate Intern!

Help us build the future of AI

Join our growing team across various departments. Check out some of our featured openings:

Explore more exciting opportunities on our careers page, including upcoming intern roles. ✨

Want to dive deeper?

  • Join the conversation: Visit our Weaviate Forum and AI & Open Source Community Slack to connect with fellow Weaviate users and experts and share your questions, experiences, and ideas.

  • Explore Weaviate's open source code on our GitHub repository. While you're there, give us a star ⭐ to show your love!

Till the next one,