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  • Build a 'Chat with your code' app using Ollama, Weaviate, and LlamaIndex on Lightning AI Studio

Build a 'Chat with your code' app using Ollama, Weaviate, and LlamaIndex on Lightning AI Studio

Hello Weaviate Community! 🤗

It's wonderful to see you here again! This week, we're excited to present you with another batch of how-to guides and expert podcasts to keep you in the know. Also, grab a chance to connect with our community, participate in workshops, and stay at the forefront of AI innovation.

Let's dive into what the next two weeks have in store for us!

Chat with your code

Ready to build a “Chat with your code” application with Ollama, Weaviate, and LlamaIndex on Lightning AI Studio?

We’ve just published a Lightning AI Studio template that you can copy. In minutes, you’ll be up and running with your Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pipeline.

AI tips, tricks, and tech


Newest AI & data technology developments


  • 🎙 RAG for Veterinarians (VetRec) with David de Matheu - Weaviate Podcast #92!

    • Featuring David and Kevin discussing their pivot from Neum AI to VetRec, exploring technical opportunities around RAG for Veterinarians, including SOAP notes and Differential Diagnosis, as well as David's insights on the ETL space, companies like Unstructured and LlamaIndex's LlamaParse, and advice for specific focus in ETL for Vector DBs / KGs / SQL.

Listen to the Weaviate podcast on YouTubeSpotify, or Apple Podcasts. ✨🎧

Upcoming events

NY AI in Prod Roadshow

Our AI [in Prod] roadshow is making its next stop in New York City on May 21st. Join us for tech talks from our CTO Etienne, experts at Google Cloud, and Weaviate's customers. In the afternoon, Sebastian will run a hands-on Intro to Building AI-native Applications course.

Weaviate office hours

You voted—we acted! Our next office hours will be about gRPC and performance, in addition to a general Q&A. Meet our experts, John Trengrove and Duda Nogueira, personally, and ask them all the questions you have always wanted. 💚

Online workshops

Advanced-level workshops are here! We are now adding more and more advanced topics to our workshop schedule - of course, next to our regular beginner-level Intro Workshops. No matter which level - register for one of our free online workshops and learn from our experts:

Remember to check out the provided links for all the details on how to sign up. We can't wait to meet you!

Welcoming new faces

We’re hiring!

Check out our open roles:

Have a look at our career page for more roles and opportunities! ✨

Thank you for reading

Do you have any questions about Weaviate, vector databases, documentation, or other topics? Say hi at the Community Slack or join our Weaviate Forum, where you can engage in community conversations. Looking forward to your participation over the next two weeks!

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Till the next one,