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  • Beyond basic RAG at Google Next ‘24, academic paper reviews, DSPy meetups, and more

Beyond basic RAG at Google Next ‘24, academic paper reviews, DSPy meetups, and more

Hello Weaviate Community, 🤗

Great to see you here! We’ve got a packed newsletter this week, including great resources from Google Next ‘24 on building AI apps with Gemini and Weaviate and a new paper reviews initiative so you never miss out on academic research and techniques. Also, we have an exciting DSPy meetup with Arize and Cohere on May 1st in San Francisco 🎉

Let’s get into it!

Google Next ‘24 was a blast!

Team Weaviate attended our first Google Cloud Next and we had a blast! We connected with folks from our community, made lots of new friends, and shared our latest product features and trend predictions. Check out the resources below to see more about what went on!

AI tips, tricks, and tech


Newest AI & data technology developments

Paper Reviews

The AI landscape changes fast, and staying on top of all the news and updates is hard and time-consuming - especially as most of the knowledge is “hidden” in academic papers and research reports.

But no worries - we’ve got you! With our new paper reviews initiative, we’re sharing 1-2 minute digestible, easy-to-read reviews of important papers.


  • 🎙 RAGKit with Kyle Davis - Weaviate Podcast #93

    • Conversation with Kyle Davis, the creator of RAGKit! At a high-level, the podcast covers our understanding of RAG systems through 4 key areas: (1) Ingest / ETL, (2) Search, (3) Generate / Agents, and (4) Evaluation. Discussing these lead to all sorts of topics from Knowledge Graph RAG, to Function Calling and Tool Selection, Re-ranking, Quantization, and many more.

  • 🎙 ParlayANN with Magdalen Dobson Manohar - Weaviate Podcast #94

    • In our 94th Weaviate podcast, Connor talks with Magdalen Dobson Manohar about vector search and her journey developing ParlayANN. The podcast begins with Magdalen’s journey into ANN science, the issue of Lock Contention in HNSW, further detailing HNSW vs. DiskANN vs. HCNNG and pyNNDescent, ParlayIVF, how Parallel Index Construction is achieved, conclusions from experimentation, Filtered Vector Search, Out of Distribution Vector Search, and exciting directions for the future!

Listen to the Weaviate podcast on YouTubeSpotify, or Apple Podcasts. ✨🎧


Upcoming events

Weaviate Office Hours

Our next Office Hours is on Wednesday, May 15th. The Topic (voted by our Slack Community) will be Collections & General Q&A. Join our regular Office Hours to meet the experts and ask all the questions you may have.

Online workshops

Accelerate your journey with Weaviate and get hands-on experience by joining one of our free online workshops! No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced AI developer, we host workshops for all levels:


We love to give everyone around the globe the chance to meet, network, collaborate and learn new things on their journey of building AI applications. So it’s no surprise that May is packed with opportunities:

  • Wednesday, May 1st | DSPy Meetup in San Francisco

    • DSPy is a framework that enables you to program and optimize large language model (LLM) systems. We’re excited to co-host this event with Arize and Cohere on May 1st in San Francisco!

    • Details & Registration

  • Tuesday, May 7th | AI for Developer Love Meetup in Amsterdam

  • Tuesday, May 14th | Hack Night at GitHub in San Francisco

  • Thursday, May 16th | AI Meetup NY with AI Camp

NY AI in Prod Roadshow

Our AI [in Prod] roadshow is making its next stop in New York City on May 21st. Join us for tech talks from our CTO Etienne, experts at Google Cloud, and Weaviate's customers. In the afternoon, Sebastian will run a hands-on Intro to Building AI-native Applications course.

Stay connected with us on social media for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and maybe even a surprise or two. You can also find our events on our website!

Check out the provided links for all the details on how to sign up. We can't wait to meet you!

Welcoming new faces

  • Meet Mariska Tunc, joining as a Finance Operations Specialist.

We’re hiring!

Check out our open roles:

Have a look at our career page for more roles and opportunities! ✨

Thank you for reading

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