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  • Advanced AI Agents with RAG, Apple Ecosystem Apps with Vector Search, and Weaviate’s 5th Birthday 🎉

Advanced AI Agents with RAG, Apple Ecosystem Apps with Vector Search, and Weaviate’s 5th Birthday 🎉

Hello Weaviate friends, 🤗

Another two weeks packed with AI innovation!

We're excited to share the latest updates from the Weaviate community. Watch new YouTube videos and podcasts, level up your skills with our blog posts and workshops, and connect with fellow AI enthusiasts at our Hack Nights.

Let's dive in 🚀

Build advanced RAG apps with Generative Feedback Loops

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) has quickly become a popular use case for large language models (LLMs). In this video, we’ll explore the various use cases of RAG systems and demonstrate how generative feedback loops can enhance performance and take your RAG applications to the next level.

  • RAG Benefits: Improving chatbot interactions and semantic search with Weaviate.

  • Verba Demo: Our open-source RAG app for Airbnb showcases enhanced booking assistance.

  • Generative Feedback Loops (GFL): Boosting efficiency and reducing costs by saving generated responses into the database.

  • Real-World Applications: Implementing self-healing databases in healthcare, legal, e-commerce and more

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AI data tips, tricks, and tech


Discover the power of generative AI in your iOS and MacOS projects using Weaviate and Apple Dev Tools. Randy Fong and Adam Chan guide you to integrate Weaviate's AI capabilities with Apple's development environment.

Enhance your Xcode workflow with Python scripting to create Weaviate databases and utilize native Python frameworks for data science tasks.

Unlock innovative features in your applications with generative AI models, even if you have little experience with Python, generative AI, or Weaviate.

Follow these blog posts in sequence:

  1. IOS Intro - Search with Benefits. A working IOS app using a live Weaviate Database.

  2. Unpacking Search Functionality. Query a live Weaviate Database using Postman.

  3. Running Python on your Mac. The basics of running Python on your Mac.

  4. External Builder (Xcode) for Python. Using Xcode External Builder to run Python scripts.

  5. Create and Load Cluster. Create and load a Weaviate Cluster.

Newest AI & data technology developments


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Upcoming events

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In-person events

AI Hack Night at GitHub

Join us for another incredibly fun Hack Night at the GitHub office in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 9th! Five excellent companies are joining us for this Hack Night, and it's going to be super fun!

Euro Python Prague

AI in Prod Chicago 2024

  • Join us for our in-person roadshow series on Tuesday, July 16th, in Chicago. Catch tech talks from Morningstar, Innovative Solutions, and our CTO Etienne and Senior Developer Advocate Zain from the Weaviate team. Then, stick around for our afternoon training to get a certificate for Sebastian’s course “Intro to Building Enterprise-ready Gen AI Applications.” Spots are limited — request a ticket today!


Weaviate is 5 years old 🎉

Some highlights we’re proud of ✨ surpassing 1M downloads per month of our open source products, 10K GitHub stars, thousands of monthly users on our cloud service, and making the Forbes AI 50 list.

We couldn't have made it this far without our wonderful community, customers, partners, and our awesome team!

We’re awed by your contributions and can’t wait to see what you build next. Cheers to the next 5. 🥳

Weaviate Heroes

We love to welcome 2 new Weaviate Heroes: Eda Johnson and Bob Kozdemba.

🦸 Find out more about our Weaviate Hero Program in this blog post by our Community Manager, Marion Nehring.

Welcoming new faces

Join the team!

Weaviate is hiring. Check out our open roles and apply!

Have a look at our career page for more roles and opportunities. ✨

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